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Paleolithic (Hunter/Gatherer) Health & Fitness
Intro post (sorry its rather long) 
15th-Jan-2010 08:57 pm
Hey everyone! I'm new to this community so I figured I would introduce myself.
I'm Ali and I just turned 24 (two days ago)
I'm a big believer in evolution and the real, Darwinian definition of fitness. I first discovered Crossfit through a friend 5 years ago. I discovered the Paleo diet through Crossfit but wasn't super intrigued until recently. I loved the theory behind Crossfit and discovered through experience how true the theory was. I feel that, like Crossfit, the theory behind Paleo is equally founded. I love how so many things I've recently been interested in have seemingly magically fit together perfectly. These being: Crossfit, Paleo, Vibram five fingers, foraging wild foods, grassfed sustainable meat, postindustrial food systems, local food and game meat. I haven't yet managed to completely switch over to Paleo, mainly due to the fact that we already have lots of modern food stocked in the house that we need to eat. I've managed to trade a friend home made yogurt for 2 lbs of trout and 2 pounds of venison her dad killed.
When I was in middle school I was chubby and was slim in high school (but have always had belly fat). In college I have been extremely active. I work out (crossfit, rock climbing, horseback riding) regularly and was careful with portions and staying away from refined carbs and sweets. I've never had a flat stomach EVER (yes, even doing crossfit, HIIT, climbing and riding and eating "well") I want to excel athletically and look good as well. I don't want to look like a model, I would like to look like the athlete I am.
I had some success with South Beach. The problem was I only lost weight on phase 1 and I felt sick the entire time. On phase 3, adding small amounts of whole grains and fruits, the puffiness around my stomach came back.
This summer, I was constantly active. Paddling 15 miles a day, hiking through deep sands carrying gear, dragging and carrying 150lb kayaks. Literally constant movement except at night when I was asleep, 6 days a week. Even with this extreme level of activity I still had puffiness around my Iliac crest (although I did loose about 10 pounds).
I am going to try to slowly convert to all Paleo in the next several weeks. My huge challenge will be staying on Paleo during the summer, when I literally live out of my kayak. We have no refrigeration and everything has to be packed into a dry bag and shoved into a kayak.

I've done quite a bit of research but I still have a couple of questions:
I absolutely love fruit. Can I eat as much as I want or do I need to worry about sugar level? I know to stay away from farmed blueberries. Are there other fruits I should stay away from?
What about almond and coconut flour? I've found recipes for baked goods that include almond flour and baking soda. is that allowed?
Also, ideas for breakfast? I'm getting really tired of eggs.
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