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Paleolithic (Hunter/Gatherer) Health & Fitness
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Dedicated to exploring the aspects of hunting and gathering that made our ancestors strong.

The Paleo_health community's purpose is to share about and explore the components of health and wellness practiced by our hunter/gatherer ancestors including:
- with few or no grains and sugars
- high in non-starchy vegetables, especially green, leafy vegetables
- moderately high in seasonal fruits
- rich in animal products and fats (preferably from naturally raised, organic animals)
- that includes nuts and seeds
- low in liquid vegetable and polyunsaturated oils (not those occurring naturally in vegetables)

FITNESS- Short bursts of heavy exercise interspersed w/periods of rest- with individual workouts lasting no more than 20-30 minutes including rest periods. The number of workouts per day are limitless.

EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHT- Regular exposure to the suns rays with little or no UV block

SLEEP CYCLES- Sleeping with the darkness and rising with the sun



I want this community to be light-hearted and comfortable. There are no strict rules regarding what can be posted with the exception of flaming, trolling and adult-oriented material. This is not an adult community and as such anything not appropriate for persons underage should not be posted here. If in doubt, please email paleo_huntress at paleo_huntress@yahoo.com.

Feel free to post-
- An introduction, telling us who you are, and why paleolithic health is of interest to you.

- Any questions you may have

- Personal experiences or anecdotal evidence supporting or negating paleo-living.

- Articles- Use the following format when posting a published article:
  • The subject line should begin with "ARTICLE-" and have "article" as a keyword as well as any particular aspect of paleolithic health that it may address. (ie: cholesterol myths, low-carb, saturated fat, etc.) If the article doesn't offer specific "sharing" options please post a link, rather than the entire article, in order to respect copyrights. When doing this, please share a relevant quote from the article and any summary or comment you wish.
  • Post the title and source of the article
  • Be courteous and respectful of other members.
- Images (behind a cut, please)

- Recipes

When posting opinion, please state that it is opinion.

When debating an article or scientific study, please state the source and provide a link so others may read it as well.
Also welcome are comments and posts to the contrary of the paleolithic lifestyle. The purpose of this group is to learn and explore these elements and any respectful posts that encourage intelligent debate are welcome.


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